Order Form for 2024 Editions

(for filing tax year 2023 returns in 2024 and tax planning thereafter)

Please read "Important Information about Ordering" for information on release schedule, on-screen documents, graphic printing, and professional e-file. Once you have completed this form, you can submit, print, or cancel the order with one of the buttons at the bottom of the form. This Order Form is for the next filing season. If you want to order products for the 2023 filing season (for filing extension and amended returns for tax year 2022), click here instead.

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FAST AND FREE: On-line delivery of initial program release is now provided for all customers. The program is available on-line as soon as it is released on a private web page for which you will be emailed a link. (A copy of the complete program on CD is available by special order only at $15 plus shipping.)

System Requirements

  • Windows XP through 10 (32-bit or 64-bit). The on-line Tax Preoarer installation of the complete program (required for the first installation of the year) automatically installs all files and start-up icons appropriate for your computer. On-line updates include only changed files to bring your initial installation up-to-date.
  • Internet access. Required for initial on-line installation of program for the year, on-line updates throughout the year, and e-file transmissions. (We post updates on the web for quick and easy updating of your software, on-screen manuals, and IRS documents throughout the tax season. e-file output is sent securely over the internet to a 3rd party, PDP, for subsequent transmission to the IRS.)
  • Windows printer. Required for the printout of IRS-like graphic forms for all 64-bit computers and most 32-bit computers. (For 32-bit installations, older HP PCL4-compatible printers with compatible tax fonts and a parallel port connection is also supported, but a Windows printer is preferable.)
  • 1 GB of free memory. Recommended for 64-bit computers, but 256 MB is adequate for 32-bit computers.
  • Special requirements for e-file. You must have our Standard Level or Premium Level software, separately purchased e-file transmission software (below), high-speed (broadband) internet access, and an IRS-issued EFIN. NOT available for partnership (Form 1065) nor California (Form 540) returns.


These updates are designed for the 2024 filing season (for tax year 2023 returns).
See "Important Information about Ordering" for more information on delivery schedule, on-screen documents, graphic printing, and professional e-file.

Economy Level

No e-file nor graphic printouts (except main form). See our Comparison Chart for more details.

Standard Level

e-file ready (see below) and graphic printouts. See our Comparison Chart for more details.

Premium Level
(Professional Plus)

e-file ready (see below), graphic printouts, and expanded form set. See our Comparison Chart for more details.
Tax Preparer (1040) $219 $319 $459
Partnership Edition (1065) $289 $349 $459
California Supplement (540) $229 $239


CAUTION: You must purchase e-file transmission software each year you want to e-file returns.
ONLY Standard and Premium Levels of Tax Preparer can generate the e-file output required by the e-file transmission software.

Form 1040 transmission software  
Required for e-file in the 2024 filing season.

e-file 1040 Basic

($5.60 per transmission fee)

e-file 1040 Silver

($4.50 per transmission fee
with first $165 pre-paid
by HowardSoft)

e-file 1040 Gold

($3.40 per transmission fee
with first $340 pre-paid
by HowardSoft)

e-file 1040 Platinum

(NO per transmission fee)

Totals and Payment

Total due Total dollar amount of merchandise (sum of all above amounts)
Sales Tax (7.75%, required for all California addresses)
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On-line download. Tax Preparer software is delivered on-line. For the first complete program for the year, you will be emailed a link to a private download page for your Tax Preparer software. Thereafter, you will be able to update your program on-line via our Check for Updates web page. (e-file transmiaion aoftware is delivered only on CD.)

Shipping of CD. E-file transmission software is delivered on CD by U.S. mail at no additional cost. Tax Preparer software is available on CD only by special order (for an additional cost of $15 plus $9.65 shipping via Priority Mail) by calling HowardSoft at 1-858-454-0121.

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If not ordering on-line, send completed form to:

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