e-file Registration Form

This form applies only to returns to be filed in 2016 for tax year 2015.

For returns to be filed in 2015 for tax year 2014, click here instead.
(The IRS accepts e-file returns from January 15 through October 20 only.)

Before you can use any e-file products we offer for Tax Preparer Standard and Premium Levels, you must annually register and tell us how you will pay for the transmission fees. Any e-file transmission software you purchase cannot be activated until we receive the information on this form. Once you have completed this form, you can submit, print, or cancel the order with one of the buttons at the bottom of the form.

e-file Account Sign-up

Identity and Contact Information:

HowardSoft S/N: (required for HowardSoft validation)
  If you registered with HowardSoft for the 2015 filing season and you want to register for the next tax season using the same name, address, EFIN, etc., you can skip the rest of this section and proceed to the next section (Transmission Fee Arrangements).
Your SSN: (required for e-file validation)
Your EFIN:      Applied (if EFIN not yet issued)
Company Name:
Your Name:
State:    ZIP: 
Daytime phone: (include Area Code)
FAX: (include Area Code)
e-mail address:

Transmission Fee Arrangements:

 You MUST arrange for paying transmission fees NOW through your entries in this section. The per return charge depends on the level of e-file transmission software you purchased: e-file Basic ($9.95), e-file Silver ($6.00), e-file Gold ($4.00), or e-file Platinum (NO per-return fee). (Note that the e-file transmission software for which you are registering here will work only with Tax Preparer Standard and Premium Level software for the 2016 filing season.)

Bill Me

CAUTION: If you choose to be billed rather than supplying charge card information below for automatic payment, a $10.00 processing fee will be added to each invoice. Furthermore, you must pay the periodic bills as invoices are received or your participation in the e-file program may be revoked.

Billing name and address same as above Contact Information
Billing Name:
State:    Zip: 

Charge To:




American Express

Account Number: We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card.
Name on Card:
Expiration Date:
Security Code: *
* Security Code is... 3-digit number printed on back of card (near end of signature panel) for VISA, MasterCard, and Discover, OR 4-digit number printed on front of card above top right of account number for American Express.

To complete your e-file registration:
to print completed form (smallest Text Size recommended)
(for your records or faxing or mailing to HowardSoft)
to submit this form to HowardSoft on-line
(no faxing or mailing required)
to clear all entries and restart with a blank form
(and lose all entries you've made on the form)
to exit this form without saving, printing, or sending this form
(and return to the screen from which you entered this form)

If you chose to Send the form on-line, you're done. We will send an acknowledgement once we have processed the information supplied.

If you chose to Print the form so that you can send it to HowardSoft, you have four choices:

Send completed form to:

HowardSoft | P.O. Box 8432 | La Jolla, CA 92038-8432

Phone: (858) 454-0121 | e-mail: